Need auto glass service….FAST?! At Swipe n Shine we offer fast, convenient, and affordable auto glass care.

Windshield Replacement

With our fully certified technicians we offer same-day windshield replacement. TechnaGlass is commited to quality, for you that means on all windshield replacements you receive a lifetime warranty on material and workmanship. We provide the only guarantee against breakage for any reason, for an entire year. You will also receive a lifetime warranty on any rock chip repairs free with any windshield replacement. Never stress a chip in your windshield again. No appointment is necessary, EVER.

Auto Glass Materials

Our Swipe n Shine’s TechnaGlass is committed to using only high quality auto glass materials that meet or exceed the strict requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS205 and FMVSS212). These standards ensure the overall safety and performance requirements according to the United States Federal Government. In order to ensure adherence to these standards, TechnaGlass only purchases auto glass materials from approved Department of Transportation (DOT) manufacturing plants meeting the FMVSS requirements. Currently TechnaGlass purchases from Pittsburgh Glass Works, Saint-Gobain, Pilkington, Asahi, Vitro, Carlite, Guardian and other select manufacturers. All of the aforementioned are Original Equipment (OE) manufacturers, and manufacture glass in plants that are among the limited list of approved DOT plants.

In addition to the FMVSS and DOT standards, TechnaGlass employs a rigorous and ongoing quality control process to test the aesthetic quality of auto glass produced by its manufacturing partners. This process includes spot-checks, database management of all 28,000+ active SKU’s and an iterative process of communication with each manufacturer. As a result, TechnaGlass unconditionally guarantees the safety and quality of all auto glass materials used.

Urethane Adhesives

The vast majority of aftermarket auto glass installations require the use of a urethane-based adhesive system to properly secure an installed piece of glass to the associated vehicle. TechnaGlass uses only the highest quality and best performing adhesives according to the applicable Federal and Industry standards. Currently, TechnaGlass is partnered with the manufacturer of urethane adhesives used as an OE installation product for Mercedes, Audi, Saab and several other vehicle manufacturers.

Technician/Installation Standards

In 2007, TechnaGlass embarked on the development of a proprietary technician training program that has since set the bar in the auto glass industry. The Auto Glass Technician Training (AGTT) program currently uses best practices from the National Glass Association (NGA), Independent Glass Association (IGA), as well as many additional widely-acknowledged manufacturer developed standards as a measuring stick for creating one of the most respected complete training programs in the global aftermarket auto glass installation community. As a barometer of success, TechnaGlass not only earned the honor of AGRSS certification, two TechnaGlass installers joined an exclusive group of the top four installers in the United States (voted on by United States Auto Glass Olympics panel of national judges). Currently, the Director of Technician Training for TechnaGlass serves as a special advisor to both the IGA and AGRSS organizations. TechnaGlass also guarantees the workmanship behind its services for the life of every customer’s vehicle.

Rock Chip Repair

Our windshield & rock chip repair is fast. Fixing your rock chips in under 20 minutes. It also saves you money because if the damages spreads, and you don’t get it fixed, replacing your windshield could cost you hundreds of dollars. Rock chip repairs restore the structural integrity of your windshield making it safer for you and your car.

4 Easy Ways to Repair Your Rock Chip:

#1 – Free Rock Chip Repair

Lifetime Rock Chip Repair with Replacement
Every TechnaGlass windshield replacement includes rock chip repair on that vehicle forever.

Lifetime Rock Chip Member
Unlimited rock chip repair when you present your Lifetime Rock Chip Repair Membership Card (available for purchase in option #3).

#2 – Insurance Pays for Repair

Most insurance companies waive your deductible for a rock chip repair in order to save them the cost of a future windshield replacement. Give us a call and we’ll find out if your policy will cover repair.

* Includes a TechnaGlass Lifetime Chip Repair Membership Card for all future rock chips, free of charge! ($39.95 value)

#3 – Rock Chip Repair, a la Carte

Techna Glass provides a menu of affordable options for those without Lifetime Rock Chip Repair and for those whose insurance won’t cover the fix.

One Rock Chip Repair: $29.95

Two Rock Chip Repairs: $29.95

#4 – Lifetime Rock Chip Repair Membership Card: $49.95

We’ll repair the rock chips you currently have on your vehicle as well as all rock chips in the future. This is redeemable at any TechnaGlass location, nationwide.


We are a full service stop for getting your vehicle inspected and up to date with current state regulations for your vehicle. Stop by and don’t wait in line!



TechnaGlass is committed to using only high quality auto glass materials that meet or exceed the strict requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.