West Jordan car wash

West Jordan car wash

Swipe N Shine car wash is the most innovative West Jordan car wash around. They offer only the best washes,
West Jordan car washcleaning, fixing, and inspecting. Swipe N Shine’s car wash is quick, efficient, and affordable. Offering their 4 levels of cleaning power, including: Rain-X Supreme, Platinum, Gold, & Silver to insure custom satisfaction every time. Ask about their Washcard rewards programs for personal and business uses. Don’t clean that by yourself, let Swipe N Shine do the work for you.

Cleaning isn’t all the this West Jordan car wash does. They also offer on the spot inspections and renewals so you don’t have to wait in line. Swipe N Shine can fix those rock chipped, cracked windsheilds at their Best Auto Glass division.

Come on in and try Swipe N Shine car wash, your West Jordan car wash, or contact us for more information.

We are a full service stop for getting your vehicle inspected and up to date with current state regulations for your vehicle. Stop by and don't wait in line!

At Best Auto Glass most windshields can be replaced within 24 hours!

Need auto glass service….FAST?! At Swipe n Shine we offer fast, convenient, and affordable auto glass care.